This center is for your child to explore their creative side and use their imagination. We believe in an open ended art environment. Open ended art is when your child is provided art supplies and they create whatever they would like. We do not expect a finished product. This ensures your child is not stifled in any way and they are not given an expectation to live up to.

In addition to center based activities we also provide circle, music and science time. Your child will constantly be learning. All of the activities provided are geared to providing your child with an educational foundation to carry with them to the elementary levels and beyond.

 Little Timbers Academy will aim to communicate with parents throughout the week through activity postings, secure electronic pictures and messages, monthly newsletters, and of course, drop off and pick up conversations! Lastly, Little Timbers Academy aims to be the best childcare center possible, by always listening to the needs of our children and parents. Please provide us with feedback in order to best serve you. 

Children are encouraged to be whatever and whoever they want to be in this center. They are given various house hold items and dress up clothes. They can take care of their own children, cook, build things, and be a doctor or a super hero.

At Little Timbers Academy, our philosophy is to provide a safe, caring, educational environment, in which your child will be given every opportunity to succeed. Our curriculum is tailored to your child’s individual learning style and provides a wide variety of age appropriate activities. Equally important is our commitment to consistent and transparent communication with parents. We want parents to be involved, build community, and enhance our approach to learning and development.

 Little Timbers Academy is a center based facility. Center-based learning means that teachers group materials for one type of subject together. Including centers in the classroom encourages young children to explore materials on their own. Each classroom is divided into five centers: art, library and listening, cognitive, block, and dramatic play.
We provide a wide assortment of literature and encourage your child to ask questions about the literature they reading. They may not know how to read yet but they are encouraged to come up with their own stories based on what they are seeing in the books. We also provide read along books. These are books that read to your children while they listen on a headset.

Our Philosophy

This is the center in which your child is given the opportunity to use their fine motor skills in conjunction with their brains at the same time. The activities at this center include lacing cards, Legos, puzzles, hand writing, modeling clay, sorting and much more.

This center includes large and small building blocks as well as hand held dolls, animals, trains, cars and trucks. The sky is literally the limit in this center. Children use their large and small motor skills as well as problem solving skills.

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